At LyncMe we provide several different plans for your account and you can choose whatvere is fit and works for you. You always can upgrade or even downgrade your account. But there are two different types for account include Business Accounts (Enterprise) and Individual which is for personal uses. Here we are going to explain these types as well.


BUSINESS Accounts (Enterprise)

If you have your own company or your web store, you might deal with thousand links every day. As you better know, links play most important role between you and your audiences such as your customers. Links are your connection and it is really vital to look perfect, recognisable and memorable. How much more beautiful would you be if you could make links to your own domain, your brand domains. Also imagine if you have any affiliate program on your website and want to use a simple short domain for all. LyncMe Enterprise is here for all these purposes. LyncMe Enterprise is all-in-one most complete and reliable management platform for your links. This is the easiest way to create, optimize, measure and share your branded short URLs with a custom domain name for your audiences. Now it is the time to say goodbye to generic short URLs. Branded links have reinvented the way we create, manage and share links, turning every link into a promotion for your brand. LyncMe is the perfect solution for too many users, for anyone who wants to improve their online presence. Links are the main touchpoint between you and your customers. Every time you click, tap or swipe you’re using a link. LyncMe provides the most complete link management solution that puts your brand first. This account type empowers your links in every marketing channel. You can add your own domain for manage and generate your new shorten links or even use our global shorten URL ( for all purposes with your custom slashtag. Now the time is for create a better personality for your brand 



If you are a blogger, influencer or even an expert, you may have many links and have to add them together somewhere. You will have trobble with sharing numbers of links and might wish you can manage them all together. Individual accounts are working great for you. By making an Individual account you will have one public permanent profile page and you can add thousand of links into it. If you wish you have several links on your Instagram bio you can use this account type. Individual accounts will result that you can help your followers discover all of your recent content. You will have a management platform for multiple destinations and send followers anywhere: articles,webstore, events, socials and more.

This account is easily managed and by using that you will able to paste in new URLs, then drag and drop the links to reorder . LyncMe Indivudial is a quick fix to the single “link in bio” dilemma. Our universal link lets your followers access multiple links from your profile, giving you the freedom to share more content.