Take control over your custom brand links

Managing them directly from one dashboard across your organization.

For Individual

All social networks allows you to have one line. There is a chance to leave the limitation
LyncMe Personal® is a free tool for optimising your social network traffic, whether you’re a blogger, an artist or run a content platform.

If you wish you have only one link forever. You will get one link in one page to house all the content you are driving your users or customers to.

Do not waste time with several links. Let your all content live longer than the feed via Lync online platform.

For Brands

The easiest way to create, measure and share short URLs with a custom domain name
LyneMe Enterprise® is the most complete and reliable management platform for your links.

Say goodbye to generic short URLs. LyneMe links have reinvented the way we create, manage and share links, turning every link into a promotion for your brand

Showcase your brand instead of a third party domain. Build an unforgettable brand experience

Personal & Customzable Links

Improve brand visibility Showcase your brand instead of a third party domain. Build an unforgettable brand experience.

Understand which of your marketing efforts are providing the most value based on detailed analytics of every link’s performance.

If you are an Enterprise user...

The most complete perfect comprehensive easy-use solution for your links and provide online platform for link management such as

Custom domain names
Modify destination URLs
Keyword selection
Support Tags & Hashtags
Workspaces & Teams
API and Webservice
Customizable rate limits.
Separate yourself from your main competitors. Make a fresh and innovative online personality for your company with branded links.
Powerful Brand
Be consistent and recognized by your customers every moment and let them do it either. Ensure your messages are being delivered effectively with your unique custom shorten branded link.
Customize your links and lead your audiences to where you prefer based on their location or language. Use re-targeting feature to make better experiences for your users.
Track Behaviors
Track every single touchpoints of your customers and let them enjoy with optimized destination URL they will face. Modify features and feel the power of link management.

Stop using generic public ugly shorten links, start making and sharing your own Branded Links. Register for free

We provide solution for every single person or business who wants has a personality on web:
Marketing AgenciesOnline AdvertisersPublic Relations FirmsSocial Media ManagersDigital ManagersOnline storesBloggerse-CommercesInfluencersDevelopers

You have an Individual account ...

You have problems with using multiple links in your social media. LyncMe will make it easier than before with a lot of unlimited features
Personal & Customizable Links

Create your personal Url and place it in your social profiles such as Intsgram bio or Facebook page or even for your CV Resume.

Unlimited Links

Add as many links as you wish, change them as often as you want.

Elegant and Perfect

With a cutting-edge interface, followers clicking on your Url will experience a great visual.


We use the official social networks API & never ask for your password.

Social First

Cross-link all your social profiles and optimize the engagement across your different channels.


No need to install anything, just access anytime via browser from any device.